Monarch of the Glen painting with aerials for antlers




Lightning Roddy flyers on a wooden table

Lightning Roddy Keeps You Grounded!

Lightning Roddy is a listening service - if you've got something on your mind and you need to get it off there... if you've got something to say but no-one to say it to... you can text Lightning Roddy. He won't judge you, he won't answer back, he won't make a fight out of it.

But he will say it for you. Every day, Roddy will randomly select one of the messages he has received and tweet it @lightning_roddy. Whatever other people's opinions of it are, whatever they have to say about it, they can say it to Lightning Roddy. He'll take the heat.

Lightning Roddy flyers are available at select locations around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. If you think he might be needed where YOU are, drop a wee email to and he'll send some out.



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