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Tiree Glass

Tiree Glass


11 Years On Tiree

There is no ‘island experience’. Only life with its opportunities and challenges due in part to personality, choice and family upbringing. The context of an island does however provide abundant and sometimes painful opportunities for a ‘new islander’ to grow and learn. Heightened by a remote, interconnected community, huge physical space and raw beauty forcing new ways of being.

This collection of images, captured mysteriously in small glass bowls represent the ordinary experiences of 12 years living on Tiree. Working for a community organisation, marriage, setting up a creative business, being a step-mum, having cancer, learning new skills and navigating friendships. Other images respond to frequently asked questions from visitors to the island who meet Frances to buy her glass and create her living.

The island is a fertile but fragile environment for a creative soul and is a good place to make a living. Small numbers of like- minded souls and opportunities for inspiration from peers and can be a challenge to counter this. There is a labour shortage, with the community requiring most of the services that are available on the mainland, and the number of visitors increasingly outstripping the resident population, with new expectations, and a lengthening tourist season.

made by Frances Woodhead of Tiree Glass

Tiree Glass is a small island business run by Frances Woodhead. I aim to create a welcoming and inspiring destination for visitors to Tiree and to create beautiful things that people value using 100% recycled materials.

Tiree Glass combines my work experience in environmental management with my passion for glass. I combine bottle glass with float glass to create both playful and functional items within a familiar natural palette. Using recycled glass provides technical limitations that help to shape and inspire the work. Other influences are the natural world and time spent living in the pacific.