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Which Rock Are You?
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which _ROCK_ are you?

A rock roulette with sedimental value

Scroll through this collection of augmented prehistoric moss-encrusted boulders and let the algorithm decide which lands on you.

made by Becca Rose with models from Historic Environment Scotland's Scottish Rock Art Project.

Becca says...

Hi here is a bit about me:

I am an artist, researcher, and educator from the UK. My practice explores ways of making computers and code accessible, and I often work on socially engaged projects with new technologies.

I am currently working on an AHRC funded PhD at Goldsmiths, where I’m exploring radical pedagogies and computing, and I also teach on the MA Design at Goldsmiths. In 2020 started working on hybrid art~tech festival, Control Shift.

In the past I have been a resident in a number of museums and arts spaces including Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol, Exploratorium in San Francisco, Somerset House in London, and Wired Lab in Tokyo. I co-ran E-stitches Bristol, a monthly e-textile meetup based at the Pervasive Media Studio.