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Superquarry Squash Blossom

Tom wears Superquarry Squash Blossom


Superquarry Squash Blossom

A silver necklace set with Harris anorthosite, a native rock also found on the moon.

The necklace is double-sided to reflect both the light and dark sides of the ‘moonrock’, of the saving of Roineabhal that inspired its creation, and of the use of sacred rock in souvenirs.

made by Maeve Gillies

Maeve's passion for jewelry began by chance at age 15, when trying out goldsmithing with a jeweler friend. She went on to complete a traditional training, receiving two degrees in jewelry and silversmithing - firstly from the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, then a Masters' Degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London.

Maeve has received numerous awards for her jewelry, including three from the Royal Society for the Arts in London, four from the American JCK Jewelers Choice Awards, plus the prestigious Town & Country COUTURE Award in Las Vegas, USA.