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Notes For A Traveller


Notes For A Traveller

...is a set of ten postcard-sized oracle cards alluding to the lore and landscape of Lewis and Stornoway.

The deck is a hypersigil – a commonplace of visual poems, fragments of stories, ritual actions, pockets and moving parts. Each card is a meeting place – between reader/user and object; between place, memory and imagination – playfully navigating ideas of past, present and future. Part divination, part activity-pack for the journey home.

Inspiration came from stories of Stornoway and Lewis found in the Tobar an Dualchais/ Kist o Riches archive: anecdotes of lead hearts crafted and used as charms to bring people together, or break them apart. Stories and spells are themselves souvenirs after a fashion – showing what’s kept (or what’s left) of our actions and desires. Echoes of old travel guidebooks (Black’s Guide to Scotland 1840), with pockets and pull-outs of maps, timetables and hotel listings. Childhood holiday magazines, with small toys or packs of stickers attached – cards, puzzles, little things to unwrap and assemble. Memories of village newsagents.
Informed by the experience of not being able to go to Lewis (for now), 2020-21, some references were drawn from correspondence between artists and curators as the project developed remotely.

made by Rebecca Sharp

Playwright, poet and interdisciplinary artist.

Rebecca Sharp is a writer whose practice encompasses text, performance, visual and collaborative projects.