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2021 Print Edition - Cover
2021 Print Edition - Side One
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2021 Print Edition

The 2021 Edition of the Bùth MhicNeacail / Nicolson's Kiosk catalogue comes with a limited run print version. This paper map, in landranger format, guides you through Stornoway to the Bùth.

Side one lays out the souvenirs on the traditional axes:

- this is the tune for which the chanter's made,
- this is the chanter, on which the tune is played,

each one looping back to this site and onwards via QR code.

Side two is a commemorative story-poster, leading you on a very Hebridean wild ewe chase around Nicolson's Kiosk.

The print edition can be bought in the shop at An Lanntair or ordered directly from this site for 4GBP.