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Cura / Guardian

Cura / Guardian



Be the distinguished guardian of an endangered Gaelic word!

The Ogham-chraobh is the earliest form of Gaelic writing where each letter of the alphabet is represented by a native tree. For Cùra, endangered Gaelic words are burned into these trees in both the ancient Ogham script and modern Gaelic. These are activated through a mystical ceremony, to transform the word into a cutting that will root new shoots of Gaelic in the hope these proliferate throughout the world.

Each comes with a certificate of Guardianship, whereby the purchaser undertakes to keep the word safe from extinction. The notion of purchased guardianship opens a relationship between the indigenous and the visitor. Tourism as an economic necessity to sustain the population of the Gàidhealtacht brings English monolingualism and weakens the place of Gaelic as the language of the community.

Guardianship requires care and respect for the indigenous and reveals the visitor as active in stemming/or speeding the process of decay of indigenous culture and practices.

made by Laura Cameron-Lewis

Laura Cameron Eaton-Lewis is a cultural leader, arts director, artist and educator. She performs as Laura Cameron-Lewis.

Laura is currently writing scripts for film and television, and recording music as The Keening | Caoineadh. As Ootland productions, she is working on her new musical, funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is based on research into compulsive hoarding. How the Light Gets In was due for showcase presentation in April 2020 but has been postponed pending COVID and in the meantime a recorded version is being developed.