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Rocabarra Board


Rocabarra Board

Rocabarra or Rocabarraigh is a phantom island or rock in Scottish Gaelic myth which will only appear three times, the last being when the world comes to and end.

This surfboard is a custom design, made especially to ride the waves breaking on Rocabarra’s shores.

made by Erratic North

Erratic North is a collaborative project by Alex Dickson (architect/designer behind Shed Projects) and Duncan Tullis (artist/designer).  Their first project, Erratic Excursions, was launched during the Architecture Fringe 2017, where over the course of July different locations in the North Highlands where chosen for interventions pulling together ideas such as impermanence, tension and materiality.  Alex & Duncan made series of experimental sculptural interventions which stimulate discussion about 'placemaking' and our relationship with nature.